2012 Deep Research Report on China Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Industry


Report Description

This is a professional and in-depth research report on Chinese Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide market. Firstly, the report introduces Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide (AL(OH)3 ATH 1-2um) product overview, manufacturing overview, cost analysis, and then covers demand, industry problems, development trends, product performance improvement ways and downstream applications analysis. At the same time, the report talks about Magnesium hydroxide (MH) and ATH comparison analysis on Flame Retardant application along with listing international and China key manufacturers with their product specifications.

This research covers Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide’s manufacturing cost details and project investment feasibility analysis for a  20 KT/Y new Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide project in China. Finally, the report lists Japan, US & China’s key manufacturers of Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide with 2009-2015 UF ATH capacity, Production Cost, Price, Production Value, profit margin and different Particle Sizes (1um 1.5um 2um), Applications (Wire and Cable Materials Copper Clad Laminate etc), Production and more. In addition to covering imports & exports’ as well as Demand, Supply and Shortage info for Japan, US & China, the report has a user list of China Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide.

Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Deep Research

Published: April 2012
No. of Pages: 107
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Chapter One Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide(ATH) Product Overview 1
1.1 ATH Flame Retardant Definition and Classification 1
1.2 ATH Flame Retardant Principle 1
1.2.1 Isolation Membrane Principle 1
1.2.2 Terminate Continue Reaction Priciple 2
1.2.3 Cooling Priciple 2
1.2.4 Dilution Priciple 2
1.3 Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Physical and Chemical Properties 3

Chapter Two China Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Manufacturing Overview 5
2.1 Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Manufacturing Process 5
2.2 China Current Manufacturers Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Capacity 6
2.3 China Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Manufacturing Method 7
2.4 Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Manufacturing Cost Analysis 7

Chapter Three Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Manufacturing Cost Influencing Factors 8
3.1 Manufacturing Process Influencing Factor 8
3.2 Raw Materials Influencing Factor 9
3.2.1 Sintering Method Seminal Fluid 9
3.2.2 Normal Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Redissolving 9
3.2.3 Other Raw Materials 11
3.3 Material Balance and Consumption 12
3.3.1 Material Balance 12
3.3.2 Unit Consumption and Cost 13
3.3.3 Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Cost Structure 13

Chapter Four Ultra Fine Aluminum Hydroxide Supply and Demand 14
4.1 ATH Supply 14
4.1.1 China ATH Supply 14
4.1.2 International ATH Supply 15

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