2012 US Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Regulations Handbook Industry Analysis Report

Report Description

US Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) Regulations Handbook, 2012 is the latest report from, the industry analysis specialists, and offers comprehensive information on hydraulic fracturing regulations applicable in the US both at the federal and state level. The report provides information on the regulatory bodies supervising hydraulic fracturing operations and laws and acts enacted for the regulation of fracking operations. The report also provides information related to the current state-level regulatory bodies and the policies framed for protecting the environment and public health from the potential impacts of fracking. The report is compiled using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research, and in-house analysis.

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  • Hydraulic fracturing regulations in the US at the federal level and the acts enacted for environmental and public health protection.
  • The regulatory bodies in Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, New York, Arkansas, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Alabama for hydraulic fracturing activities.
  • The rules and regulations framed at the state level in Colorado, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, New York, Arkansas, Michigan, Ohio, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Alabama for environmental and public health protection.

Reasons to buy

  • Develop business strategies with the help of specific insights about hydraulic fracturing regulations applicable in different major states across the US
  • Identify opportunities and challenges in exploiting oil and gas resources using hydraulic fracturing across major plays in the US
  • Be ahead of competition by keeping yourself abreast with all the latest policy changes pertaining to hydraulic fracturing across different states in the US

Table of Contents

2 Introduction 6
2.1 Overview 6
2.2 GlobalData Report Guide 6

3 Overview of Regulations for Hydraulic Fracturing in the US 8
3.1 Need and Importance of Regulatory Structure 8
3.2 Major Regulatory Laws for Hydraulic Fracturing in the US 11
3.2.1 Federal Level 11
3.2.2 State Level 11

4 Regulations for Hydraulic Fracturing at the Federal Level 12
4.1 Environment Protection Agency 12
4.2 Bureau of Land Management 12
4.3 Federal Level Laws 13
4.3.1 Safe Drinking Water Act 13
4.3.2 Clean Water Act 13
4.3.3 Clean Air Act 14

5 Regulations for Hydraulic Fracturing in Colorado 15
5.1 Overview of Hydraulic Fracturing in Colorado 15
5.2 Fracking Regulations by Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission 17
5.3 Rules and Regulations Framed by Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission for Hydraulic Fracturing 19
5.4 Local Government Regulations in Colorado 20

6 Regulations for Hydraulic Fracturing in Texas 21
6.1 Overview of Shale Plays in Texas 21
6.2 Fracking Regulations of the Rail Road Commission 21
6.3 Rules and Regulations Framed by the Rail Road Commission 23

7 Regulations for Hydraulic Fracturing in Pennsylvania 24
7.1 Overview of Hydraulic Fracturing in Pennsylvania 24
7.2 Fracking Regulations by the Department of Environmental Protection 25
7.3 Rules and Regulations framed by the Department of Environmental Protection 26
7.3.1 Rules under the Oil and Gas Act (Act 223) 26
7.3.2 Act of July 25, 1961, Oil and Gas Conservation Law 29

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