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In terms of the total interior products industry in the BRIC countries, China accounted for the largest sales share with 66.2%; followed by Russia with a 14.8% sales share, India, with an 11.1% sales share and Brazil with a 7.9% sales share. With robust projected growth in both GDP and disposable income, the BRIC countries are expected to continue their rapid economic growth over the forecast period. All these indicators suggest strong growth opportunities for the interior products industry. The wholesale and contract channel dominates interior products distribution in the BRIC countries, accounting for a sales share of over 40% in Brazil, Russia, India and China. As institutional customers prefer to buy in bulk at lower prices, this channel holds utmost importance for the industry. However, with rapid urbanization and increasing disposable income, there has been a rapid increase in the market presence of specialty retailers, furniture and houseware retailers, hypermarkets, supermarkets and discounters, department stores and other retail channels, all of which have also contributed to increased sales of interior products.

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This report provides an extensive analysis of the distribution strategies used in the interior products industry in the BRIC countries It provides historical sales values for different distribution channels in each category of the interior products industry for 2007–2011, along with the respective forecast figures for 2012–2016 It provides key trends, drivers and challenges relevant to the distribution of interior products in the BRIC countries The report includes top-level analysis of all the categories within the interior products industry with focus on past distribution strategies and the future outlook The report also details the regulatory framework for both manufacturers and retailers in the interior products industry

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Assess the performance of distribution channels across different categories of the interior products industry in the BRIC countries Analyse key market trends and drivers for manufacturers and retailers in the industry Assess the regulatory framework and the key challenges relevant to the interior products industry in the BRIC countries Identify the growth opportunities and industry dynamics within eleven different product categories such as bathroom products, bedroom products, fabrics and soft furnishings, flooring products, furnishing products, kitchen products, lighting products, office furniture products, tableware and decorative products, wallcovering products, windowcovering and treatment products Gain insights into innovations and expansion modes in the interior products industry

Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include: Executive Summary BRIC Countries Comparison
Brazilian Interior Products Industry – Distribution Strategies
Russian Interior Products Industry – Distribution Strategies
Indian Interior Products Industry – Distribution Strategies
Chinese Interior Products Industry – Distribution Strategies

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