Global Consumer Payments 2013 Trends, Developments and Prospects

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The developed world has the largest card payment markets globally, but growth is slowing, while cards are beginning to take off in emerging markets. Emerging markets have outpaced developed markets in absolute volume of card payments (excluding commercial) as the unbanked enter the financial mainstream and the newly banked increase their card usage. Drivers such as a high youth population and an expanding middle class in some emerging markets will help to spur card usage moving forward.

Euromonitor International’s Consumer Payments 2013: Trends, Developments and Prospects global briefing offers insight into the size and shape of the Consumer Finance market, highlights buzz topics, emerging geographies, categories and trends as well as pressing industry issues and white spaces. It identifies the leading companies and offers strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market.  Forecasts provide an invaluable perspective on market evolution and the criteria for success.  The briefing leverages Euromonitor International’s 360-degree coverage of the global payments’ landscape including insight on consumer debt.

Product coverage: Consumer Lending, Financial Cards and Payments.

Data coverage: market sizes (historic and forecasts), company shares, brand shares and distribution data.

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- Use five-year forecasts to assess how the market is predicted to develop.

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Table Of Contents

Consumer Payments 2013: Trends, Developments and Prospects
Euromonitor International
January 2013
Global Overview
Regional Developments
Drivers and Constraints
Global Prospects
Report Definitions

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