India Managed Security Services Market 2010

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Managed security services ensures stringent data and network security for enterprises that find the need to focus on core competencies and outsource noncore functions to a third party. With the high levels of hacking and malware activity, complex security technologies and regulatory mandates, it becomes imperative to adopt the best solution when it comes to ensuring enterprise infrastructure. This Frost & Sullivan study provides comprehensive insights into the managed security services market, adoption trends, and key players, and forecasts the future potential of the service in India.

Indian Managed Security Services Market

Published: February 2012

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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary

2. Market Definition and Research Methodology
Market Definition
Market Segmentation
Research Methodology
Important Notes

3. Indian Managed Security Services Overview
Market Overview
Market Engineering Measurement Analysis
Market Drivers
Market Restraints
Revenue Forecast
Service Analysis
Hosted Services
Management/Monitoring Services
Assessment Services

Demand Analysis
Demand Analysis—By Vertical
Demand Analysis—By Horizontal

Competitive Analysis
Competitive Structure
Competitive Landscape Analysis

4. Emerging Trends
Emerging Trends

5. About Frost & Sullivan
Frost & Sullivan Overview
Who is Frost & Sullivan
What Makes Us Unique
T.E.A.M. Methodology

Global Perspective

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