Israel: Country Intelligence Report

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Published : Jun-2019
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Israel: Country Intelligence Report


Telecom service revenue in Israel will decrease over the 2018-2023 period. The revenue growth in fixed and mobile data will be offset by the revenue losses in the voice, messaging and pay-TV segments. Intense competition in the mobile sector is forcing several telcos to cut tariffs and as a result all the major telcos are shifting their focus onto fixed broadband services.

“Israel: Country Intelligence Report,” a new Country Intelligence Report by GlobalData, provides an executive-level overview of the telecommunications market in Israel today, with detailed forecasts of key indicators up to 2023. Published annually, the report provides detailed analysis of the near-term opportunities, competitive dynamics and evolution of demand by service type and technology/platform across the fixed telephony, broadband, mobile, and pay-TV segments, as well as a review of key regulatory trends.

The Country Intelligence Report provides in-depth analysis of the following –
– Demographic and macroeconomic context in Israel.
– The regulatory environment and trends: a review of the regulatory setting and agenda for the next 18-24 months as well as relevant developments pertaining to spectrum licensing, national broadband plans, tariff regulation, and more.
– Telecom and pay-TV services market outlook: analysis as well as historical figures and forecasts of service revenue from the fixed telephony, broadband, mobile voice, mobile data, and pay-TV markets.
– The competitive landscape: an examination of the positioning of leading players in the telecom and pay-TV services market as well as subscription market shares across segments.
– Company snapshots: analysis of the financial position of leading service providers in the telecommunications and pay-TV markets.
– Underlying assumptions behind our published base-case forecasts, as well as potential market developments that would alter, either positively or negatively, our base-case outlook.


– Overall telecom service revenue reached $4.3 billion in 2018, fixed broadband segment being the major revenue contributor.
– Mobile service revenue accounted for 42.7% of total telecom revenue in 2018. The contribution will decline to 40.3% by 2023, given the declining revenues in the mobile voice segment.
– 3G subscriptions accounted for 67.9% of total mobile subscriptions in 2018. However, 4G subscriptions will grow at a faster rate (CAGR 14.9%) during the 2018-2023 period to account for 52.7% of total mobile subscriptions by 2023.
– The top three mobile operators, Cellcom, Partner, and Pelephone, accounted for a 76.4% share of overall mobile subscriptions in 2018.

Reasons to buy

– This Country Intelligence Report offers a thorough, forward-looking analysis of Israel’s telecommunications markets, service providers and key opportunities in a concise format to help executives build proactive and profitable growth strategies.
– Accompanying GlobalData’s Forecast products, the report examines the assumptions and drivers behind ongoing and upcoming trends in Israel’s mobile communications, fixed telephony, and broadband markets, including the evolution of service provider market shares.
– With more than 20 charts and tables, the report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality.
– The report provides an easily digestible market assessment for decision-makers built around in-depth information gathered from local market players, which enables executives to quickly get up to speed with the current and emerging trends in Israel’s telecommunications markets.
– The broad perspective of the report coupled with comprehensive, actionable details will help operators, equipment vendors, and other telecom industry players succeed in the challenging telecommunications market in Israel.

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Publisher : GlobalData
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