People Screening Technologies & Global Markets – 2012-2016


The growing internal security and terror challenges facing India, China, Brazil and the Middle East oil exporting countries on one hand, and the prospects of the US and EU economies on the other hand will redraw the global People Screening industry landscape.

In the new People Screening Technologies & Global Markets – 2012-2016 report HSRC analysts forecast that the global market (including systems sales, service, upgrade and refurbishment revenues) will grow at a CAGR of 11.6%. While the US systems sales are forecast to decline at a CAGR of -1%, the markets in China, India, Brazil and the Middle East are forecast to grow at a solid CAGR of over 17%.

The report, segmented into 136 sub-markets, offers for each sub-market 2011 data and 2012-2016 forecasts and analysis. In 354 pages, 111 tables and 203 figures, the report analyses and projects the 2012-2016 market and technologies from several perspectives, including:

  • Market forecast by customer sector (e.g., transportation, secured facilities)
  • Market segmented by Systems sales vs. Service, upgrades & refurbishing market
  • 5 regional markets and 8 key national markets (e.g., USA, UK, Germany, India, China, Brazil)
  • Over 30 key equipment vendors
  • Market analysis (e.g., market drivers & inhibitors, SWOT analysis)
  • Business environment (e.g., competitive analysis)
  • Current and pipeline technologies
  • Business opportunities and challenge
Report Details:
Published: November 2012
No. of Pages: 354
Few points from Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary
1.1 Major Findings
1.2 Major Conclusions
1.3 People Screening Market – 2012–2016
1.3.1 Systems Sales – 2012-2016
1.3.2 Maintenance, Upgrade & Refurbishment Market –2012–2016
1.3.3 Systems Sales vs. Maintenance, Upgrade & Refurbishment Market –2012–2016
1.3.4 Consolidated People Screening Market – 2012–2016
1.3.5 People Screening Market by End User – 2012-1016
1.4 People Screening Technologies

2 Introduction
2.1 Scope
2.2 Methodology

3 Market Drivers

4 Market Inhibitors

5 SWOT Analysis

6 Competitive Analysis

7 Business Challenges & Opportunities

8 Present People Screening Technologies & Products
8.1 Explosives Trace Detectors (ETD)
8.1.1 ETD Principles of Operation
8.1.2 ETD Core Technologies
8.1.3 Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS)
8.1.4 ChemiLuminescence (CL)
8.1.5 Electron Capture Detectors (ECD)
8.1.6 Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW)
8.1.7 ETD People Screening Portals
8.1.8 Hand-Held & Desktop ETD Devices
8.2 Whole Body Scanners (AIT)
8.2.1 X-ray Backscatter Portals
8.2.2 Active MMWave Whole Body Scanners
8.2.3 Passive MMWave Whole Body Scanners
8.2.4 Terahertz Whole Body Scanners
8.2.5 Comparison of MMWave/Terahertz vs. Backscatter X-ray Portals
8.2.6 Vendors and Products
8.3 Metal Detection Portals & Devices
8.3.1 Hand-Held Metal Detectors
8.3.2 Walk Through Metal Detection Portals
8.4 Shoe Scanners
8.4.1 Threats and Government Policy
8.4.2 Shoe Scanners: Vendors, Products & Prices
8.5 Bottled Liquids Scanners (BLS)
8.5.1 Liquid Explosives Threats
8.5.2 Liquid Explosives Screening
8.5.3 DHS’s SENSIT Program
8.5.4 Liquid Detection: Techno-Tactical Considerations
8.5.5 Liquid Explosives Scanners – Vendors, Products and Prices
8.5.6 Liquid Explosives Scanners – Sample System
8.6 Body Cavities Screening Systems
8.7 Computer Aided Detection (CAD) Software
8.8 Biometric People Screening
8.8.1 Biometric Identification, Drivers & Inhibitors and Government Influence
8.8.2 Biometric Market Drivers & Inhibitors
8.8.3 Biometric Portals
8.8.4 Fused Biometric, Document Authentication and Interrogation Portals
8.9 Multi-Modal & Multi-Threat Portals
8.9.1 Overview
8.9.2 Technology Status
8.9.3 Core Technologies
8.9.4 Example: Detection Systems Fusion Protocol (DSFP)
8.1 Pat-down Body Search
8.11 Hand-Held Weapons and CBRNE Detectors
8.12 Cast and Artificial Limbs Screening Technologies
8.12.1 Evolving Hand-Held MMWave Wand – Sample

9 People Screening Technologies Outlook – 2012-2016
9.1 ETD Technology Outlook – 2012–2016
9.1.1 Techno-Tactical Needs
9.1.2 ETD of the Future: Techno-Tactical Drivers
9.1.3 ETD of the Future: Performance & Operational Goals
9.1.4 Advanced Sample Collection
9.1.5 Dual Technology ETD
9.1.6 Pipeline ETD Technologies
9.1.7 Next Generation ETD Technologies
9.1.8 Integrated Explosives, Chemical Warfare and Narcotics Trace Detectors
9.2 Multi-Modal & Multi-Threat Portals
9.2.1 Market Needs
9.2.2 Proposed High Throughput Multi-Threat People Screening Portal
9.2.3 Future People Screening Portals – Technology Essentials
9.2.4 Future Multi-Threat Detection
9.2.5 Molecularly Imprinted Polymer (MIP) Sensors
9.2.6 MOS-Based Electro-Chemical Sensor Networks
9.2.7 Future Shoe Scanners

10 IATA & ICAO “Checkpoint of the Future”
10.1 IATA Checkpoint of the future: main concepts
10.2 Main features of IATA Checkpoint of the future
10.3 IATA Checkpoint of the Future Outlook

12 People Screening Markets -2012-2016
12.1 Overview
12.1.1 Systems Sales – 2012-2016
12.1.2 Maintenance, Upgrade & Refurbishment Market –2012–2016
12.1.3 Systems Sales vs. Maintenance, Upgrade & Refurbishment Market –2012–2016
12.1.4 Consolidated People Screening Market – 2012–2016
12.2 ETD Portals & Devices Market – 2012–2016
12.2.1 Global Market by Customer Sector – 2012–2016
12.2.2 Systems Sales by Region & Sector – 2012–2016
12.2.3 Market by Region – 2012–2016
12.2.4 Eight Key National Markets – 2012–2016
12.3 Whole Body (AIT) Scanners Market – 2012–2016
12.3.1 Global Market by Customer Sector – 2012–2016
12.3.2 Systems Sales by Region & Sector – 2012–2016
12.3.3 Market by Region – 2012–2016
12.3.4 Eight Key National Markets – 2012–2016
12.4 Metal Detection Portals & Devices Market – 2012–2016
12.4.1 Global Market by Customer Sector – 2012–2016
12.4.2 Systems Sales by Regions & Sectors – 2012–2016
12.4.3 Market by Region – 2012–2016
12.4.4 Eight Key National Markets – 2012–2016
12.5 Shoe Scanners Market – 2012–2016
12.5.1 Global Market by Segment – 2012–2016
12.5.2 Market by Region – 2012–2016
12.5.3 Eight Key National Markets – 2012–2016
12.6 Liquid Explosives Scanners Market – 2012–2016
12.6.1 Global Market by Segment – 2012–2016
12.6.2 Market by Region – 2012–2016
12.6.3 Eight Key National Markets – 2012–2016
12.7 Multi-Modal & Multi-Threat Portals Market – 2012–2016
12.7.1 Global Market by Customer Sector – 2012–2016
12.7.2 Systems Sales by Region & Sector – 2012–2016
12.7.3 Market by Region – 2012–2016
12.7.4 Eight Key National Markets – 2012–2016

13 People Screening Market by End User – 2012-1016
13.1 Overview
13.2 Aviation Passengers Screening Market
13.2.1 Background
13.2.2 Airport Passengers Screening Market – 2012-2016
13.3 Land/Sea Transportation Passengers Screening Market
13.3.1 Background
13.3.2 Land/Sea Transportation Passengers Screening Market – 2012-2016
13.4 Land Border People Screening Market
13.4.1 Background
13.4.2 Land Border People Screening Market – 2012-2016
13.5 School Security People Screening Market
13.6 Embassies and Consulates Visitors and Employees Screening Market
13.6.1 Background
13.6.2 Embassies and Consulates People Screening Market – 2012-2016
13.7 Prisons People Screening Market
13.7.1 Background
13.7.2 Prison Screening Market – 2012-2016
13.8 Government Secured Facilities People Screening Markets
13.8.1 Background
13.8.2 Government Secured Facilities Market – 2012-2016
13.9 Public Gathering Events People Screening Markets
13.1 Private Sector People Screening Market
13.10.1 Background
13.10.2 Private Sector People Screening Market – 2012-2016
13.11 Other Users People Screening Market

14 US Market – 2012–2016
14.1 US homeland security: background
14.2 The US HLS Organizational Structure
14.3 The US Airport Security
14.4 The Transportation Security Administration
14.5 US People-Screening Market Background
14.6 People Screening Market – 2012–2016

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