Physicians’ Opinions Survey on FDA’s Bydureon Approval

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Physicians were asked to assess their impressions of Bydureon in terms of efficacy, safety, tolerability, expected use, and other important factors. Key questions are broken down by specialty or familiarity to highlight difference in physician perceptions


Datamonitor anticipates that the initial enthusiasm will ultimately be muted once physicians gain experience with the drug. Nevertheless, a once-weekly antidiabetic agent clearly represents an attractive option for type 2 diabetes patients, and physicians expect the drug to be a welcome addition to their armamentarium.

FDA’s Bydureon Approval

Published: February 2012
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Your key questions answered
  • Assess physicians’ opinions of Bydureon as compared with Amylin’s twice-daily Byetta (exenatide) and Novo Nordisk’s once-daily Victoza (liraglutide)
  • Determine physicians’ expectations for Bydureon’s uptake, line of therapy, and use in combination with other antidiabetics
  • Evaluate how Bydureon may expand the overall market for GLP-1 agonists

Table of Contents


Limited familiarity with PCPs could present a marketing challenge
Impressions of Bydureon’s efficacy differ based on familiarity
Tolerability issues trump safety concerns among physicians familiar with Bydureon
High expectations for Bydureon use will likely come down with increased experience
Endocrinologists expect to use Bydureon in earlier line of therapy compared to PCPs
Combination use with oral antidiabetics is likely
Physicians expect Bydureon to expand the GLP-1 agonist market

Report methodology
Datamonitor consulting


List of Figures

Figure: On average, how many patients with type 2 diabetes do you treat per month?
Figure: How familiar are you with Bydureon (once-weekly exenatide)?
Figure: For each attribute below, please select the one drug that you would prefer to prescribe, based on performance (or predicted performance) on that attribute
Figure: Please select the one drug that you would prefer to prescribe, based on efficacy (HbA1c lowering ability)
Figure: Please rank the following potential safety (and tolerability) issues you are most concerned about with Bydureon on a scale of 1 to 7, where 1 is the issue of greatest concern and 7 is the issue of least concern
Figure: Please select the one drug that you would prefer to prescribe, based on injection device
Figure: Where in the treatment algorithm do you think you will most commonly prescribe Bydureon?
Figure: Please consider your hypothetical Bydureon-treated patient population a year post-launch. What percentage of the Bydureon-treated patient population do you expect to have previously been treated with each of the following options?
Figure: Please choose up to three drug classes with which Bydureon could be used in combination. If there are more than three classes, please select the three most likely
Figure: Please give your opinion on how the introduction of Bydureon, and any other market trends, will impact on the number of patients on GLP-1 agonists in the US

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