Review on the Development of Cross-Strait Semiconductor Industries in 2013

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Published : Mar-2014
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Driven by the Chinese government’s preferential policies and enormous domestic market needs, international semiconductor vendors have constantly set up plants in China to strengthen their deployment. The movement has also contributed to the development of Chinese IC design houses, manufacturers, and packaging and testing vendors. As a result, the Chinese semiconductor industry has seen stunning growth since 2010, posing serious threats to the development of the Taiwanese semiconductor industry. This report will analyze the current status of Taiwanese and Chinese semiconductor industries as well as the existing and future development of the sub-industries in Taiwan and China.

List of Topics

Sector-by-sector comparison between Chinese and Taiwanese semiconductor industries, including shipment value reviews and forecasts, the ranking of top ten vendors, and major vendors’ latest development in each sector

Companies and organizations analyzed or mentioned in the report include:

Allwinner Technology, APS, ASE, ASE Assembly & Test, ASEN Semiconductors, Casio Micronics, CEC Huada Electronic Design, Cension Semiconductor Manufacturing, China Integrated Circuit Design Center, China Resources Microelectronics, Chipbond, ChipMOS, Elpida, FATC, Freescale Semiconductor, Fujitsu, Galaxycore, Global Unichip, Globalfoundries, Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing, Greatek Electronic, HHGrace, Himax, Hisilicon, Hitech Semiconductor, HJTC, Hua Hong NEC, Huawei, Ilitek, Infineon, Inotera Memories, Intel, Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics Technology, Jilin Sino-Microelectronics, KYEC, Leadcore Technology, Lingsen Precision Industries, Macronix, MediaTek, Micron, Microsoft, MStar, Nantong Fujitsu Microelectronics, Nantong Huada Microelectronics, Nanya Technology, Novatek, Nufrontsoft, Nuvoton Technology, Orisetech, OSE, Phison Electronics, Powerchip, Powertech Technology, Qualcomm, Raydium Semiconductor, RDA Microelectronics, Realtek, Renesas Electronics, Rexchip, RF Micro Devices, Richtek Technology, Rockchip, Samsung, Shanghai Matsushita Semiconductor, Shanghai Huahong Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing, Shanghai HuaLi Microelectronics, Shanghai Kai Hong Electronic, Shenzhen High Tech Industrial Company, Silan, SK Hynix, SMIC, SMIT, SPIL, Spreadtrum, ST, Taiji Industry, Teramikros, Texas Instruments, Toshiba, Tsinghua Unisplendour, TSMC, UMC, Vimicro, VIS, WAE, Walton Advanced Engineering, Winbond, Wuxi Tongzhi Microelectronics, Yang Ding Tech, Zhonghuan Semiconductor

Current and future development of Chinese and Taiwanese semiconductor industry, comprising of IC design, memory and wafer manufacturing, and IC packaging and testing sectors

Table of Contents

1.Comparison of Cross-Strait Semiconductor Industry's Production Value and Structure

2.Comparison of Cross-Strait IC Design Industries
2.1 Comparison of Industry Value
2.2 Development of Top Ten IC Design Houses in China and Taiwan
2.2.1 Smart Handheld Device Core IC Vendors
2.2.2 Panel Driver IC Vendors
2.2.3 Vendors in Other Industries

3.Comparison of Cross-Strait IC Manufacturing Industries
3.1 Comparison of Industry Value
3.2 Chinese IC Manufacturing Industry Clusters
3.3 Development of Top Ten IC Manufacturers in China and Taiwan
3.4 Comparison of Process Technologies and Production Capacity

4.Comparison of Cross-Strait IC Packaging and Testing Industries
4.1 Comparison of Industry Value
4.2 Chinese IC Packaging and Testing Industry Clusters
4.3 Development of Top Ten IC Packaging and Testing Vendors in China and Taiwan
4.3.1 Development of Taiwanese IC Packaging and Testing Vendors
4.3.2 Development of Chinese IC Packaging and Testing Vendors
MIC Perspectives
Competition of IC Design for Smart Handheld Devices Intensifies
Increased Competition in 28nm Process Technology with Steady 8-inch Wafer Demand


Glossary of Terms

List of Companies

List of Tables

Table 1  Top Ten Chinese and Taiwanese IC Design Houses, 2012
Table 2  Top Ten Chinese and Taiwanese IC Manufacturers, 2012
Table 3  Top Ten Taiwanese IC Packaging and Testing Vendors, 2012 - 2013
Table 4  Top Ten Chinese IC Packaging and Testing Vendors, 2011 - 2012

List of Figures

Figure 1  Chinese and Taiwanese Semiconductor Industry Value, 2009 - 2015
Figure 2  Revenue Share of Chinese and Taiwanese Semiconductor Industries by Sector, 2008 - 2013
Figure 3  Chinese and Taiwanese IC Design Industry Value, 2004 - 2013
Figure 4  Chinese and Taiwanese IC Manufacturing Industry Value, 2006 - 2013
Figure 5  Chinese IC Manufacturing Industry Clusters
Figure 6  Process Technologies Adopted by Taiwanese, Chinese, and Foreign IC Manufacturers, 1Q 2012 – 4Q 2013
Figure 7  Production Capacity of Chinese and Taiwanese IC Manufacturing Industries, 2012 - 2016
Figure 8  Chinese and Taiwanese IC Packaging and Testing Industry Value, 2006 - 2013
Figure 9  Chinese IC Packaging and Testing Industry Clust

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Publisher : Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute, MIC
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