Smokeless Tobacco in Switzerland, 2019

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Published : Oct-2019
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Table of Contents
Executive summary
Market context
Tobacco products market, %, 2008 & 2018
Tobacco products market, tons, 2008-2018
Market size and structure
Smokeless Tobacco Consumption, tons, 2008-2018
Per Capita Consumption, Grams Per Year, 2008-2018
Production and trade
Smokeless Tobacco: Production (kg), 2000-2012
Imports of Smokeless Tobacco, 2000-2017
Imports by Country of Origin, Top Countries, volume, %, 2018
Smokeless Tobacco: Imports by country of Origin, Volume (kg), 2008-2018
Smokeless Tobacco: Imports by country of Origin, Value (€ '000), 2008-2018
Exports of Smokeless Tobacco, 2000-2017
Taxation and retail prices
Taxation Rates, 2016
Snuff: In-Store Price List, 2017
Chewing Tobacco: Internet Price List, 2018
Manufacturers and brands
Snuff: Distributor Shares, % volume, 2008-2018
Snuff: Manufacturer Shares, % volume, 2008-2018
Snuff: Brand Family Shares, 2008-2018
The Smoking Population
The Smoking Population
Operating constraints
Operating constraints
Health warnings and labelling requirements
Prospects and forecasts
Smokeless Tobacco Consumption, tons, 2017-2027
Per Capita Consumption, Grams Per Year, 2017-2027
Summary Methodology
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