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Generation Hashtag – Global Thematic Research

Generation Hashtag – Global Thematic Research Summary Millennials were ‘digital’ as defined by the discrete electronic tasks they performed on laptops, iPods or mobile handsets. Generation Hashtag, by contrast, is ‘born digital’....

Cloud Computing : Technology, Business Opportunity and Patent Analysis

Due to the prevalence of Internet, cloud has affected the way people receive emails, connect to social networks, chat with a friend, watch a self-made Youtube video, download mobile apps, purchase tickets and goods online, just to list a few....

Chinese Smart OTT TV: Market Development, Competitive Strategies and Impacts on Incumbent Players

This report presents analysis of market development, competitive strategies and impacts on incumbent players. China’s mobile online service users have grown rapidly but most users still favor free online services; thus, OTT service providers...

The Worldwide IPTV Subscriber Market, 1Q 2014

This report presents worldwide IPTV subscriber market forecast, as well as recent quarter review of regional markets and market share by vendor. This report finds that the global IPTV subscriber base totaled around 92.7 million in the end of...

Chinese Cloud Computing Industry and Market Development Trends

China has become one of the countries in the world enjoying the fast-growing cloud computing development in the recent five years. Chinese cloud computing market value is estimated to have continued to witness unprecedented year-on-year growth...

Sony’s Strategic Planning for Smart Handheld Devices, Cloud Services, and Wearable Smart Devices

In 2012, Sony proposed "One Sony," an integrated management structure to help the company establish a rapid and optimized decision-making process. One year later in 2013, Sony witnesses the increased smartphone sales. Connected...
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